Smoky Hill High School Class of 2014—Denver Senior Photographer

Megan you are Absolutely Gorgeous!  The beauty and confidence that you display is breathtaking.   I loved every minute of this session!

Getting to know this Smoky Hill Senior was most fun…we even got caught in the rain (a couple of times),I almost stepped on a snake (and about fainted) but most of all hanging out this sweet young women was the highlight!  During our session chatted about all sorts of things and I always feel so blessed when I walk away.  Megan, no doubt, has beauty, but her soul is what makes her beautiful. When you look past the outward beauty and you see the hope and optimism, the plans the ideas and the generosity they want to share with the world, that is being beautiful.  It is that which can’t be imitated.  I see it in my seniors all the time–truly this, and this alone, is really why I love what I do.  Have a great year senior year Megan!

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